With the first race of the year, 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, less than a month away, it’s time to start ramping up the training.  I have about 6 weeks of training behind me now and the legs are feeling pretty good. I’ve been putting in quite a few hours, the weather has been mostly cooperative and I’ve been able to find a riding buddy on most occasions.  So I feel I’m at least getting off to a good start.

Great day of fresh snow!

Last week I did my first, of what will hopefully be many, blood analysis tests with Dr. Inigo San Millan down in Denver.  I was part of a study that involved 3 back-to-back days of blood analysis testing.

This is the blood analysis machine.

Inigo has an extensive background in exercise physiology and has been working closely with world-class professional cyclists for many years now.  I got the usual information: VO2 max. lactate threshold, etc. but one of the best things I got from going to see him was a better understanding of how my body reacts to the physical demands of my training and racing.

This is what I get hooked up to everyday.

Sure I had an idea of what my body wanted, but it was absolutely amazing seeing the actual test results.  I learned that I wasn’t training at the most ideal intensities (in most cases), didn’t eat near enough carbohydrates and that I’m not going to win a pro-tour (OK, I knew that already).  It’s been a truly amazing experience to work with Inigo. I’m hoping to make it down to see him a few times throughout the year and make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

As for now the hours of bike practice/brainstorming continue on…

 This time of year, my bike often looks like this.

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Ramping It Up